środa, 12 lipca 2017

Interview with Santi/ Looking For An Answer!

      Looking for an answer are one of the best known grindcore bands from Spain. They have released 3 full length and 9 splits releases since forming in 1999. Their latest full length Dios Carne released a couple months ago and I feel it is their best work yet. I spoke to vocalist Santi about their latest album, Spanish grindcore band and their plans for the rest of the year. Peter 'Trendcrusher' K.
       Hi, you have been around as a band for 18 years now. How does it feel looking back at your career?
      Hi Peter! I have been in the band only for the last 5 years, but i can tell you we all see this band as a continuous process, living in the present all the time and looking forward to what is to come. If i look back, i see an evolution and many gathered good experiences through touring, recording etc...
      I enjoyed your recently released album Dios Carne and found it your best work as yet. Tell us a bit more about the album.
      Thanks for the words Peter! The idea with Dios Carne was moving forward both musically and lyrically; It's still a classic grind/death album but we built more layers of sound influenced by other styles ranging from crust to funeral doom. Also, with the lyrics, we tried to enrich our anti-specist message with new concepts brought from psychology, philosophy...always learning.
Looking For An Answer, October 2016.

poniedziałek, 3 lipca 2017

Interview with Gendo Ikari!

      Gendo Ikari is a young talented band from the UK's Grindcore scene, they attracted the attention with first 7"EP Unit_1. Even though they borrowed the name from Neon Genesis Evangelion, you shouldn't have to be an anime-freak to enjoy the creative and effectve brutality of this fresh band from Glasgow! Let's check our interview with them! Zoltan Zsiga.

      I would like to discuss first about the origins of the band, and do an overall introduction. Can you give us a brief history, how did you get together? Who’s who; and what other bands or side-projects do you have, or had in the past?
      The band is Gerald (guitar), JJ (vox), Chris (bass) and George (drums). We've played with each other in various bands before and don't like talking to anyone else, so this is sort of just kind of happening. George also plays in Blanca Grande, who sound like a Satanic Slint and Chris plays in Party Cannon and Iniquitous Savagery. Gerald, JJ and George used to play in a tech metal band The Colour Pink Is Gay, and the guitarists left the country so we decided to make a new grind band with Chris.
      Please tell me about your inspirations and influences as well. How did you get in contact with this kind of music, when did you realized that Grindcore is the genre for you?
      We like it when the drums go GA GA GA GA DUGUGUGUGUDUDUGUGU GAGAGAGA and fast playing, where the notes don't make sense and it's off kilter. Blast beats are yas.
Gendo Ikari in action!

poniedziałek, 19 czerwca 2017

Get ready for interview with Ape Unit and exclusive stream of Zoopocalypse Grindcore!

      I will release a unique 7 inch of plastic on 30th of June. It's a split between Ape Unit and Horsebastard, together 11 songs of Zoopocalypse Grindcore. This is a great opportunity to stream a new Ape Unit's song and talk with Steve. Enjoy, Andrzej Dumala.
      hey Steve, what's Ape Unit?
      Ape Unit is a project started almost ten years ago by five bored primates who decided to join forces to play as fast and noisy as they can. The band changed a lot along the years, but the original concept has remained the same : five friends having fun playing extreme music!
      What causes boredom?
      Nothing in particular, really. At the time, all the original members of the band were into extreme music, so It was easy to start the project, even If It first came as a "joke band", and It turned into something more serious months after the first rehearsal.

wtorek, 9 maja 2017

Interview with Fabio Mozine/ Läjä Records!

       Fabio Mozine supports underground DIY scene since I remember, his label is well know because of many great and weird releases. Enjoy the exclusive interview made by Carlos James, translated by Zé Misanthrope specially for GCP blog.
        Since when have you noticed that yo’ve reached the point of no return in your underground life? When did you realize it could be a real thing, that instead of having a 9-5 Job, your bands and projects would be the priority? Do you have plans on expanding Läjä?
       I Think i’ve noticed the point of no return even before forming my first band, just for the simple pleasure I’ve felt from listening to garage bands, local bands and for the absolute disgust I’ve felt for the mainstream bands, even the metal ones. And of course the feeling being part of the underground community. Now, for me to believe in it in a professional point of view, especially with the label, being able to make a living out of it, it took me quite some time, and I’m still struggling with it. It’s a very unstable job, it makes me fearful and insecure about the very nature of it. Obviously any kind of job has its instabilities, but think about it: if you have a stable job in a bank, for instance, I believe you don’t feel afraid about losing your job or having no income unless you fuck up really bad. I’m not sure if I will expand Laja in any means, based on my will to work at home with small things and little problems. I just think I need to revamp it from time to time.

sobota, 6 maja 2017

Interview with Smattro Ansjovis/ Birdflesh!

       Smattro Ansjovis is a founder of one, of the oldest and most recognizable Swedish Grindcore bands, Birdflesh is having their 25-year anniversary this year. Andrzej Dumala.
        Hey Smattro, Birdflesh is having their 25-year anniversary this year as a one of the oldest and most recognizable Swedish Grindcore bands. What are your thoughts on the legacy of Birdflesh?
       Hey Andy! Yeah, 25 years ago we started Birdflesh. It's really crazy. Though it took a few years to learn how to play and write songs, haha! It has been lots of ups and downs through the years and I am the only original member left. But I can't imagine my life without this band. It's like a family member.
       Playing Carnivalgrind for quarter of a century is an excellent opportunity to celebrate, Are you gonna have a big party to mark the occasion?
       We haven't really thought about doing anything special to celebrate. Sadly there is no time. Family, work and our other bands take a lot of time too. We have a few shows coming up this year so I guess we gonna have some beers with our fans who care about our 25th anniversary. We save the big party until we turn 50.
"Thanks Ryan and Evan + crew for having us at NDF. People say we had a great time. Cheers to all crazy people who moshed at our show." Birdflesh 2017.

Interview with Harry Bryan/ Prisoner 639 and exclusive online stream of split w/ Throw Me In The Crater.

       Harry Bryan is a guitar player in raw and primitive deep-mouthed Powerviolence duo Prisoner 639. I met him personally during the tour with Nothing Clean in Warsaw's Chmury Klub. As a D.I.Y. label I helped them to release split 7 inch with Throw Me In The Crater. This is a great chance to share the stream officially and post interview we made some time ago. Andrzej Dumala.

       hey Harry, it's millions of prisoners out there, why you chose the Prisoner 639? Is he special?
       Prisoner 639 is very special, actually, and anyone who appreciates Asian cinema may well be familiar with them already.

       What's your prison?
       My prison? Trying to break out of an endless cycle of Bojack Horseman. Well... I say trying, I never tried very hard. Classic stuff.

czwartek, 6 kwietnia 2017

Interview with Jon Petterson/ Henry Kane!

Jon Pettersson is no stranger to the Metal world, he is a member of bands like Wombbath, Ashcloud and Just Before Dawn. A couple months ago, Transcending Obscurity released their debut album Den Förstörda Människans Rike from his new project Henry Kane is newest band from and it sounds awesome. The albums combines buzzsaw grinding guitar riffs with deep growled vocals in Swedish. I spoke to Jon about the album, horror movies and the possibility of Henry Kane live shows. Peter 'Trendcrusher' K.
You are a part of bands like Ashcloud, Just Before Dawn, Wombbath and many others. How and when did you decide to start a solo project, Henry Kane?
I was coming up to my 20th year as a recording artist, so I wanted to make something personal to mark this. So it felt natural to start a solo project. My first band metal band Disfigured Victims was a solo project to begin with, so it was kind of like closing a circle.
Den Förstörda Människans Rike sounds like a mix of Death Metal, Crust and Grindcore. How did you come up with your unique sound?
It is basically a mix of all the genres I’ve played throughout the years filtered down into a melting pot of extreme music. You even get some Black Metal parts in there if you listen carefully. It needed to be an extreme expression pushed to its very limit.
What was the writing process for the album? Do you prefer writing alone or as part of a band?
I started writing some riffs that I felt had the right feel to them. I made up a demo that would be the base for the final product. Once I had the basic structures for the songs, I started working on the details, melodies and small hooks. It was very important build layers on each song. Every time you listen to the album you should find details you didn’t catch previously.
What was the recording process for the album? Where was it recorded?
It was recorded, mixed and master in my studio “Studio Unbound”. It started with the drums, followed by the rhythm guitar. After that more guitars, bass and vocals was layered on. On each I chase a certain feeling, and layers will be added or removed until I find what I am looking for.